Reintegration of underprivileged employees - robotic arm

MediTel Kft. received support in the framework of EDIOP (Economic Development and Innovation Operational Programme) on 4. December 2017. The project title was: "Full employment of people with disabilities, with the collaboration of human and robotic arm".

The aim of the project was the development of a business model which with Industry 4.0 manufacturing technology solutions - robotic arms - guide the way to integrate employees with reduced working capacity into the labour market. Within the framework of the project 1 person with reduced working capacity and 1 underprivileged person were employed. For these two employees, we have created a "sample" workstation, which means a well-defined work process with predefined tasks for both man and the robotic arm.

During the project, an audit system was developed that enables - to the entrepreneurial target group - the production review and also enables the clear identification of workflows in which it is possible to integrate the work of the person with reduced working capacity combined with the robotic arm. Employees are able to present how to work with robotic arm to the service buyer target group. These penetrations organized within the framework of trainings and open days.


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