The objectives are mainly focusing on research and dissemination of radiology and subdisciplines, establish and operate a dedicated education centre with local and international cooperation.

Accredited courses

One of Meditel's objectives is to organize and run accredited courses.

Objective: training of radiologists, sonographers and clinicians in a previously less known field of diagnostic ultrasound
Role of Meditel: lectures, inviting guest speakers, accreditation and organization
Partners: Co-authors of the monograph
Status: Training completed

Sonographer training

The company is involved in the concept development of sonographer training on BSc level to create a uniform approach on a national level and meeting the international standards.

Objective: creating a uniform environment within the national education system and harmonizing with the EU
Role of Meditel: preparation, generate and coordinate the program and participate in education
Partners: 7 national leading partner and the Hungarian College of Radiologists
Status: Training completed

Science, presentations, publications

The members of the company are authors of numerous articles and lectures in national and international journals and on congresses.

Miklós Barta MD, PhD

Hungarian Society of Radiologists (MRT): board member of the Ultrasound Section (1996-), secretary (2000-), board member of MRT (2004-), member of ESR (European Society of Radiologists)

Miklós Barta MD, PhD is member of the scientific society "SSS" since 1998. He is leading member of the regional board of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences since 2008 and is member of the society since its establishment.

Meditel Ltd. published in 2008 the "Chest diagnostic ultasonography. Atlas." monograph with the support of the National Research and Technology Institute and the regional board of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA VATT). The editor and author of most chapters is the director of Meditel.

Book review (in Hungarian Radiology, 2008) >>

The Hungarian Emergency Medical Society published the first Hungarian point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) textbook. The editors Miklos Barta MD and Andras Mesterhazi MD.

Book review (in Hungarian Radiology, 2018.) >>

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Invited speaker at the 16th World Congress for Bronchology with the lecture "Emergency Thoracic Ultrasonography".

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