A) Testing applications for healthy and active aging and counselling related to this

Active and Assisted Living programme

The number of elderly people is growing worldwide. Their medical treatment and if it is necessary their nursing is increasingly challenging for families or institutional systems. The main goal of the project is to develop innovative products and systems for older people that improve their quality of life.

STAGE: Streaming of Theatre and Arts for old Age Entertainment

About the project: The STAGE platform provides a simple application by means of which elderly users can choose the live performance or events' package they want to access through common digital devices like tablets, smartphones, smart TVs or computers. STAGE promotes a proactive participation of the elderly, aiming to increase their access and interest in new cultural knowledge from the events as well as contribute via  e-learning to their digital education.

CoME: Caregivers and Me

About the project: CoME is a service-oriented platform which aims at developing solutions that empower seniors with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) in a social context, to improve and manage personal life. The proposal addresses relevant challenges such as health self-management and increase and facilitation of the supply of formal and informal care for seniors in need.


The project's activities include the following:
Developing an IT-based platform by means of which the elderly shall have access to a motivating, interesting and entertaining environment, which will help them train their brain and get involved in physical activities in a safe space, their own house/home.
Building a hardware system composed of portable devices dedicated to stimulating the mental training.
Building a gaming type of platform with role in social training. All interactive games and applications are stored in cloud. The score one user marks in a game can be compared with that of other users.
Setting up a virtual community for the elderly and their caregivers, families and friends, where they shall share and disseminate knowledge and unique aspects on travel and interesting places.
Implementation of a system storing medical results and allowing users, caregivers, physicians/ GPs access (web-based, on the mobile phone etc.) to this data and evolutions.

FairCare: The network based solution for collaborative future care

About the project: Set up a platform on which the various elderly-oriented care services can be indicated and match-made. In Hungary it will be an app for youngsters, where they can apply for various voluntary positions - like bringing food to elderly, or taking care at their homes -, while the demand of the target group will be co-ordinated by formal caregiver organizations, like elderly homes or Red Cross.

B) DigitalLife

The digitalLIFE4CE project is looking for novel solutions in the field of digital integrated healthcare systems

About the project: The digitalLIFE4CE project is looking for novel solutions in the field of digital integrated healthcare systems. The fragmentations of the health care system, as well as weak cooperation between relevant actors negatively, affect regional authorities, care providers, and citizens in many regions of central Europe. To answer these weaknesses, the project brings together policy makers, experts from research and development and actors relevant for implementation.
They will work on a new framework to provide policy stakeholders with: a global picture on available solutions and their implications; technology solution providers with options for joint cooperation; and beneficiaries with new applications and technologies. Additionally, the project will research and promote best practice cases in so called 'Healthcare Excellence Spots' and investigate ways to increase investment in digital health start-ups and to boost innovation in healthcare systems with a need for an integrated care coordination.


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