Multidisciplinary developments and products come to fruition by combining medical and business knowledge with the know-how of identifying resources and funds based on real consumer needs leading to successful business models. The completed and ongoing projects are listed below.

Medical monograph - a diagnostic atlas

Objective: writing, editing and publishing a diagnostic monograph
Role of Meditel: writing (main author), editing and publishing
Project Partners: Meditel Ltd.
Status: completed and audited

MobilMed - National Institute of Research and Development, National Technology Program

Projekt célja: implementation of mobile access to hospital information systems
Role of Meditel: initiator of the project, professional coordination, specification
Project Partners: Infomatix Ltd., PBN, Meditel Ltd.
Status: approved and kicked off

MobilMed is an acronym for "Implementation of mobile access to hospital information systems". Meditel Ltd, the initiator of the project established a strong consortium with complement competences for the realization of the project.

They are working on the implementation with a Hungarian SME specialized for mobile information technology development.

The general aim of the project is contribution to the improvement of the quality, standard and cost-efficiency of healthcare services by developing a mobile IT system.

The target groups are hospitals, clinics and health care institutions.

The specific objective is to create a data transmission, display and communication system that ensures the proper flow of patient data in two directions, between the experts involved in in-patient and outpatient care (physicians, technical staff, healthcare professionals, etc.) via mobile tools such as smartphones, tablet PC, laptop. These tools will allow the on-line display of images with the adequate screen width, anamnesis and other patient data; consultation, and access to up-to-date expert databases and systems useful for decision-making.

Face-reconstruction software - "OTKA" program

Objective: creating a software that is able to reconstruct the original, whole face from partly available elements based on morphometric studies and Computer Tomography
Role of Meditel: a catalysator and co-ordinator role in launching the program
Project Partners: 10 national partners
Status: approved and kicked off

HTC instrument procurement program - "Baross" program

Objective: creating the instrumental bases to enable objective monitoring of new methods
Project Partners: Meditel Ltd.
Status: completed and audited

CITT Centrope ICT partnership - FP7 program

Objective: fostering cooperation between ICT companies and research labs through projects in the region of Vienna, Bratislava, Brno, Győr and Szombathely
Role of Meditel: professional contribution and best practice
Project Partners: Vienna Business Agency ICT Cluster, Brno Technology Institute, BITERAP Bratislava, PBN
Status: completed and audited


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